Personalize Your Retirement Plan

Personalization is the action to design and implement something to meet or anticipate participants’ needs based on individual circumstances. It is offering participants tailored experiences to keep them on track for their own benefit. Data is the lifeblood of personalization. It is the building block to know each participant more intimately in order to meet their needs and logically predict what their financial challenges and evolving objectives will likely be over time.

Almost everything in our modern life today is curated and personalized. Spotify, using your listening preferences to suggest new music for you. Amazon uses your purchasing habits to remind you of restocking and predicts and suggests other goods and services you may need or want. Netflix makes recommendations on movies and shows based on what you have previously watched. Social media pushes news and opinions that align with your interests and beliefs. Clothing stores make recommendations based on past purchases and send you personalized boxes of apparel to try on.

We take these and many other personalized conveniences for granted today, but there is almost no personalization when it comes to investing for retirement.

We are still living in largely a “figure-it-out-yourself” world where participants have to build their own portfolio using a list of investments or they are defaulted into a one-size-fits-all portfolio based on average investor data. Individualized Glide Path Solution or iGPS is a lifetime investment solution that leverages your personal data available on record-keeping platform to personalize your retirement investing.

iGPS gives you the benefits of a managed account customization without the high fees or constant engagement. iGPS: Personalized Target Date Fund At Scale.

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