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Who is iJoin
iJoin is the technology provider that connects to recordkeeping systems to express the individualized asset allocation methodology. iJoin also instructs the plan custodian to trade investments in order to personalize each participant’s account. On a quarterly basis, iJoin verifies personal data to adjust, if needed, each participant’s investment allocation based on the asset allocation methodology. iJoin provides digital guidance to participants electing to engage with planning for their retirement readiness.


PIMCO is a global leader in active fixed income. With its launch in 1971 in Newport Beach, California, PIMCO introduced investors to a total return approach to fixed income investing. In the 50+ years since, PIMCO has worked relentlessly to help millions of investors pursue their objectives – regardless of shifting market conditions. As active investors, its goal is not just to find opportunities, but to create them. To this end, PIMCO remains firmly committed to the pursuit of its mission: delivering Superior investment returns, solutions and service to their clients.

Nexus338 serves as the participant-level 3(38) and sponsor of iGPS. iJoin is the technology provider to implement personalization. PIMCO provides its proprietary asset allocation algorithm to personalize portfolio as well as the underlying investment building blocks (in CITs). These parties are not affiliated. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell and securities. iGPS is a Registered Trademark of Nexus338 and is not an investment product. Please review current prospectus prior to making any investment decision. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.